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Woman Marries 2 Husbands

A lady simply identified as Brisbane has left netizens in surprise after she flaunted her two husbands on social media.

According to her, the two men are her life partners who live together with her in peace and harmony, adding that the love she feels for each of them is different.

As if that was not enough, she appears to be attempting to preach to other women how beneficial it is to have more than one husband.

Brisbane took to Twitter to portray herself as a happy woman as a result of being a wife to two men at the same time, using the mathematical Greater Than sign (>>>>) to emphasise her claim that being bigamous is greater than being monogamous.

Most social media users did not welcome the message she tried to sell to them but that wouldn’t make her change her mind.

Many women are struggling to find even suitors let alone husbands but it is unclear what is it about Brisbane that would make two handsome and energetic men cling onto her alone.

See more of their photos below:


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