Kambuzuma Family Devastated As Ritual To Bring Back Drowned Son Fails


Tragedy struck the Kambuzuma community, after a 15 year old boy drowned whilst swimming in the infamous Blue Dam. The boy, who has been identified as Don Kuwana, was a form three pupil at St Mary’s Magdalene in Nyanga.

On that fateful Friday, he went out for a swim with his friends only to meet his demise in the waters.

His body was retrieved by the Police Sub Aqua unit on Saturday morning.

Don’s father was devastated and said he had once warned his son about swimming in the dam, as another teenage boy drowned  in December last year

He said, speaking to local publication Hmetro

“I am really hurt by this death and I don’t know what to say over this.

“I told him a number of times not go for swimming at this dam and he would say I hear you daddy.

“What am I going to do now?
“My son is gone and he has been a bright son who was ready for form four next year,” he cried.

The boy’s friends claimed that as he drowned, it looked like he was being grabbed by an unseen force, which they believe is a mermaid.

When they tried to pull him back, they were overpowered.

The late teenager’s family then conducted an overnight ritual on Friday, hoping that their son would be returned after being supposedly grabbed by the mermaids.


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