hokozani Khupe Recalls Harare Deputy Mayor And Ten More MDC Alliance Councillors


Thokozani Khupe recalls eleven MDC Alliance city councillors in Harare.

Local Government minister July Moyo has instructed the town clerk to inform the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission  (ZEC) that the wards are now vacant. By-elections will be held by December 5, according to ZEC.

The recall comes days after Khupe’s MDC-T failed to win the mayoral vote on the back of recalling ten other MDC Alliance councillors including former mayor Herbert Gomba.

Those recalled include Harare’s deputy Mayor Mupamawonde Enah of Ward 35, Makuwerere Lovemore of Ward 24, Hadebe Gilbert of Ward 39, Kufahakutizwi Munyaradb of Ward 19, Mapanzure Simon of Ward 34, Chidhagu Charles of Ward 30, Charumbira Keith of Ward 8, Dhliwayo Steven of Ward 40, Ndira Barnabas of Ward 21, Runyowa Chihoma of Ward 29, and Nyatsuro Charles of Ward 6.

The letter by the Minister of Local Government, July Moyo reads:

I wish to inform you that I am in receipt of a letter from the Movement for Democratic Change (T) stating that the following councilors have been expelled from that Party:-
1. Makuwerere Lovemore of Ward 24

2. Hadebe Gilbert of Ward 39

3. Kufahakutizwi Munyaradb of Ward 19

4. Mapanzure Simon of Ward 34

5. Chidhagu Charles of Ward 30

6. Charumbira Keith of Ward 8

7. Dhliwayo Steven of Ward 40

8. Ndira Barnabas of Ward 21

9. Runyowa Chihoma of Ward 29

10.Nyatsuro Charles of Ward 6

11. Mupamawonde Enah of Ward 35 (Deputy Mayor)

In terms of section 278(1) 818 Constitution of Zimbabwe, as read with Section 129(1)(k) wards 24, 39, 19,34, 30, 8, 40, 21, 29, 6, and 35 are now vacant. In terms of Section 121 of the Electoral Act, please inform the Zimbabwe Electoral
Commission (ZEC).


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